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Citizen Satellite Wave Watches

What is the ideal system for precise timekeeping? Satellite Wave GPS, a unique CITIZEN technology, receives position data and a time signal from orbiting GPS satellites to automatically update your watch to the correct date and time. Because it incorporates CITIZEN's Eco-Drive light-powered technology, Satellite Wave GPS provides you with the precise time, wherever you are in the world, as long there is open sky above you. Citizen will keep innovating until everyone, everywhere has access to the correct time.

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Citizen Satellite Wave With Fastest Timekeeping Reception Speed From GPS Navigation

Satellite Wave GPS is the perfect system that gives you the most accurate time reading. Satellite wave collection from Citizen Watches UAE has an outstanding reception function of the time signal via satellites based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). Even if you travel to a time zone different from your local time, the automatic update of your Citizen Satellite Wave watch will be done to adjust the date and time to the local timing of the place you’re at, wherever you are as long as there is open sky....

Citizen Satellite Wave watches are the fastest in the world to receive a satellite signal and update the time on your watch in less than 3 seconds. The universal time update function covers forty time zones.

Seamless Switching Between Different Time Zones With Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Watch

The citizen satellite wave gps watch can also come with a dual function that allows you to have an accurate time in two different time zones with seamless switching between them. So if you are travelling and need to keep reminded of the time in your home you only need to to set the dual feature to show the time zones of your home and the new destination. Just like that you can switch between the two time zones with a simple click.

The Citizen satellite wave GPS watch will give you a smooth experience, it is a sophisticated watch that is easy to operate and perfectly meets your needs.

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