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Citizen Mechanical & Automatic Watches

Our collection of Mechanical watches are meticulously crafted not just to appeal the curious enthusiast who has just encountered his new love for watches but also the connoisseurs who value the fine art of mechanical watchmaking.

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Citizen's collection of mechanical watches is the true definition of renewed classic. It's hard to find a better automatic watch than Citizen’s Mechanical & Automatic Watches to bring you what’s expected in a new glamorous style. Citizen's collection of automatic watches for men in UAE will satisfy not only those seeking distinction and elegance, but also anyone who appreciates cutting-edge, professional craftsmanship....


You can choose watches for men and women with regards to the material used to make its band, leather or metal.

The Citizen mechanical watch collection with leather straps is a distinctive choice for modern men, who carefully select the outstanding piece that complements their looks with a touch of elegance. The Citizen Automatic watches for men collection with metal and leather straps come in a variety of options and shapes. Citizen Automatic watches for men with metal straps are made of durable enduring materials that can live through the years unchanged or unaffected by the pass of time.


You can visit our page to stay updated with the latest technologies that Citizen is keen to bring to you though our new collections. Check out Citizen watch collections to see more styles and options or browse the new Citizen automatic watches for women and men, to see what’s new.

Keep updated with everything new like styles, models and technologies available in the automatic watches for women collection. Find within this collection the mechanical watch online that offers the same quality you know, with the latest technologies developed by our watch experts at Citizen. Now you can buy mechanical & automatic watches in Dubai, Sharjah and all over the UAE with ease from Citizen - your trusted brand, from the comfort of your home. Buy watches online through our website, browse through our different types and super functional watches such as Citizen Eco-Drive , Citizen Promaster , quartz watches etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

An automatic watch which has mechanical moving parts and winds it’s mainspring automatically using an internal rotor system

An automatic watch is a mechanical timepiece that does not require manual winding. The automated movement is fuelled by the natural energy created by the wearer's motions.

Both quartz and automatic watches are dependable and can tell time with reasonable accuracy. However, Quartz watches are considered to be more accurate. Mechanical watches are valued for their craftsmanship, artistry, and beauty. CITIZEN Mechanical movement has a high degree of precision as well as visual appeal. The design emphasizes the movement's layered wheels and highlights each of the watch's components. Every part is made to perfection, adding to the movement's overall appeal. Mechanical watches are meticulously crafted not just to appeal to the curious enthusiast who has just encountered his or her new love for watches but also the connoisseurs who value the fine art of mechanical watchmaking.

So, it’s unfair to say between quartz and mechanical which movement is better, it depends on the buyer if he/she is buying a watch just for its accuracy or for the craftsmanship and artistry of the mechanical movement.

A quartz watch can measure exact time to a half a second every day, whereas an automatic watch may be off by a few seconds per day. Because automatic watches have more moving parts, there is a high probability that the time maybe more inaccurate. But in the long run the reliability of an automatic watch entirely depends on how well it is maintained.


Mechanical & Automatic Watch Price in UAE

In the UAE the price of Mechanical watch collection ranges from AED 900 to AED 8,500.
ModelPrice *
Mechanical Men NJ0170-83XAED 1622
Mechanical Men NJ0150-81ZAED 1886
Mechanical Men NJ0170-83ZAED 1622
Mechanical Men NJ0171-81A AED 1565
Mechanical Men NJ0150-81XAED 1886
Mechanical Men NJ0150-81LAED 1886


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